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160220 Q&A with MaresBears
Saturday, February 20, 2016 | 8:03 AM | 0 comments


160119 Vietnam Gala Top Hit
| 7:44 AM | 0 comments

I arrived at the venue at around 5:30pm and met up with my friend, Thanh, who was with 3 of her other friends. She introduced me like, "Guys, this is Mary! She's the one at bts-trans!!!" and the other girl went "Oh! omg hi!!" and I was so flustered jahdfkjsdf

Afterwards, we headed to the line and waited for an hour in the midst of the crowd until they started allowing people in. The pushing was so ridiculous, I couldn't breathe and it felt like I was being pushed along in the crowd instead of actually walking in, but I manged to get pass and ran to my section to get a good seat/view hoho! I think I was the among the first 50 to be let in? So I grabbed good seats :-)

By the time we sat down, it was around 7pm and we were waiting for the concert to start. After a while, we heard screaming in the row in front of us and apparently bangtan were at the presscon/interview (which was right outside where we were sitting aka where we lined up at) but we were already seated inside and so we watched the live stream from this girl in the row in front of us. Then a bit after that, bangtan did a v app live broadcast backstage, and this other girl in front of us was streaming it so we watched it from there too and screamed alot.

When it was around 8pm, the concert finally started. Basick was among the first performers and MAMAMOO joined him as well and it was really fun and enjoyable because everyone was so hyped! ! ! !! It was amazing and that was also when I saw MAMAMOO and Basick for the first time~ Afterwards there were alotttt more other Viet artists' performances and towards the end, MAMAMOO came out again to perform Piano Man and Um Oh Ah Yeh ! All 4 of them were superrrr gorgeous ;3; Hwasa has an amazing body and Solar was super pretty, Moonbyul was amazing and Wheein was soooo cute >< All in all they were super memorable <3 They also did the motion of shooting love arrows/hearts at the left side of the venue ~ For Um Oh Ah Yeh, instead of saying "언니 그 여자는 누구예요?" MAMAMOO said "Vietnam! Xin chao!!" meaning "Vietnam! Hello!!" and the crowd went wild with the screaming and cheering !!

Whenever the MCs asked who we're here for, armys all shouted B!T!S! and drowned out the small group of fans of the Viet artists... and every single time the MCs asked can you guys guess who's up next, armys would all shout B!T!S! but the MC would always say "we're saving the best for last!" and alot of armys got annoyed with waiting... rip

Then FINALLY it was bangtan's turn to perform! Before they came on stage, there was a RUN VCR playing on screen and at that time, bangtan were on stand by on the right and because I was sitting in section B which is on the left, I could see Taehyung (who was standing at the front), from where I was sitting. So I stood up (almost falling over in the process) and I started waving and throwing massive hearts at taehyung and I think he saw me? ? ??? and did a tiny wave but i was still like omygod!!!! 심쿵!!!!

After the VCR ended, bangtan finally came on stage and did 쩔어!! HOSEOK WAS WEARING A CHOKER AND I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SMACKED SEVINA REALLY HARD ON THE ARM BC OF THAT.... 쩔어 was sooooo great, and we all did the fanchant properly (instead of just singing along) and they were all sooooooo cool and handsome and JEON JUNGKOOK NEEDS TO STOP! ! ! ! ! (im joking but you know what i mean) HE LOOKED SO HOT IN JUST A SIMPLE BLACK TSHIRT I WAS READY TO KEEL OVER AND DIE!! I briefly looked at the other members sometimes but my eyes were on Taehyung like 97% of the time >/////< During 쩔어, I held up a banner that said "J-HOPE Happy Early Birthday"

After 쩔어, they did their ments! First, they greeted us and then Namjoon said: "It's our first time coming to Vietnam, but there are lots of fans who came so we're thankful". Yoongi then said "From the airport, there were lots of fan who came and it was such such an honour. We prepared a lot to come to Vietnam so I'll be thankful if you guys enjoy yourself". Hoseok followed with: "Please anticipate and take care of us as much the love the audience is giving us right now". After hoseok, Seokjin said "Ofc we prepared alot for Vietnam ARMYs ~ Ah please show us!" and then Jimin said "Tuyet! (Great)" followed by Taehyung who took a while to remember the phrase bc he stood there with a very thoughtful pose and then said "Tuyet voi! (Great)" And afterwards Jungkook and Hoseok said: "I love you pac pac" (T/N: Pac = Viet slang for kiss/chu) and they all made shooting bullet fingers gesture at us and were being all cute and jasdhfkdsjf *takes a deep breath*. Then Namjoon asked us if we were ready and we screamed YES!!!! and at the end of their ment, bangtan all said "Toi yeu Vietnam!" meaning "I love Vietnam!" and then started their I NEED U stage! We also did the fanchant for I NEED U and the atmosphere was really exciting and hot and just overall really amazing bc the fans were cheering so loudly ;3; During Jimin's I NEED U high note, we held up a banner that said "We are 방탄 youth, 방탄 are our 화양연화" and it was really beautiful to see ; A ;

After I NEED U, bangtan went off to the sides again to put on their jackets for RUN but Seokjin went off the wrong side & ran across the stage lmaooo it was cute hahahaha, then they came to the front area of the stage and did RUN!!!! Taehyung was wearing a jacket that was shiny/tough(?) and he kept having trouble taking it off in the choreo and twice/thrice, taehyung couldn't take off his jacket completely and it was hanging on one side off his shoulder and he had to shrug it off again before it came off completely. As soon as it ended, almost all the members took off their jackets, probs bc it was too hot, and then hoseok took a fan's "non la" which is a Vietnamese traditional hat and wore it on stage omg HE WAS SO CUTE!!!

Throughout the whole of bangtan's performances, I was just yelling "오빠!! 오빠들!! 사랑해!!!" and throwing massive hearts to catch their attention all while video-ing + singing along... hahahahah hoseok made a heart at the fans at one point but i cant remember when omg

A disappointing thing was that the sound system was horrible imo... the boys' voice sounded higher than their actual voices... rip And there was actually quite minimum fanservice :< but i wasn't rly surprised bc they must be super tired so ;;

Overall I enjoyed my experience but I found it super tiring and exhausting, having to wait for 3 hours or so before I could see bangtan perform only 3 songs... but it would make sense since they're special guests ;; I hope next time they come to Vietnam, they have a solo concert or sth so I can see them for 2 hours or so hehe

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150615 - 150621 Trip back to Taiwan
Saturday, August 1, 2015 | 7:59 AM | 0 comments

After 8 weeks of hectic IGCSE exams, Y11 Prom night (12th) and our first BISMUN conference (13th), I was so glad to be going back to Taiwan >< 6 months since I last went hehe


Woo~ Let's go go !


Bubble tea as soon as I arrive because I can (lmao I'm joking, because my cousin owns a bubble tea store) and look it's bread shaped like watermelon :~) The seeds are actually red beans isn't that cool



Drinks I bought that day hehe


Stocking up on food to go back to Vietnam with :)

Lunch at the food court downstairs afterwards

Cherries at Dad's cousin's place

 DAY 4

This was an uneventful day ;; I took dad to get a check up at the hospital, then dropped by at a relative's house and then dinner with another relative~


Breakfast hehe

I could get used to free bubble tea everyday :'''')

Woop woop beauty products

Went to ShiLin Night Market today and got some stuff!!

2 of the shirts were $390 NTD
2 of the skirts were $350 NTD

I got this super cute Rilakkuma notebook and phone holder as well as a flexible phone hanger 
Rilakkuma notebook was $130 NTD
Rilakkuma phone holder was $150 NTD
Flexible phone hanger was $88 NTD

Pizza at almost 1am ah yes

DAY 6 & 7

It was pretty uneventful and I flew back to Vietnam T^T

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150612 Year 11 Prom Night
Friday, June 19, 2015 | 9:42 AM | 0 comments

The long awaited prom night was simply amazing and super fun! Everyone dressed up with the girls looking gorgeous in their various dresses and guys looking sharp in their suits. 

I left for Lananh's house early in the afternoon and arrived at around 3:30pm to get ready as planned. She blasted a playlist she created called "MARES BEARS" which consisted of Bangtan and f(x)'s songs as she pulled out her curler. This is her all ready to curl my hair lmao

At around 5pm, the gang started arriving with Candy and Ellena!! They came back from America for the holidays and decided to come to prom as well~ We took some photos with Candy's polaroid camera hehe and I took some pictures on my phone too

And then we're off to Thao Dien Village where the prom was being held~ Lots of pictures were taken hehe brace yourself!

(From left to right) Inhae, Sevina, Haeon, Me, Adya

(From top left to bottom right) Jisoo, Anisha, Haeon, Me, Adya, Sevina

Me with Adya~
(From left to right) Haeon, Inhae, Sevina, Me

(From left to right) Me, Haeon, Adya, Our Maths teacher HAHA

With Sevina~


With Sevina again...

Honestly took too many pictures with Sevina lmao


Last one with Sevina I swear

With Adya again~

Solo selfies~



140803 Mini Shopping Haul
| 9:02 AM | 0 comments

So this morning, my mum decided to walk down the streets to see if there was anything interesting and we came across this store that we never really noticed before since it didn't look exactly nice from the outside. Kids, this is why people should never judge a book by its cover, because inside the store were some super cute stuff! And super cheap as well /giggles~

First is this owl purse/bag ^^ Doesn't it look adorable? I love it to bits, I've seen it quite a few times on tumblr and when I saw they were selling it I HAD to buy it hehe It was very cheap, only $5.18!

This is me wearing it ^^ Matches the shirt I had on today teehee~

I also bought this jacket/hoodie (?) It's super comfy and cosy, it has a cat design on the pockets and it fits me perfectly~ This costed $5.89!

Lastly, since my earphones went bust 3-4 weeks ago, I bought a new one and it's PINK! /jumps around in excitement :3 I'm pretty sure these are fake though because they were dirt cheap, only 75 cents ><

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